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2018 Trials are coming soon!!

2018 Trials Information
All the information you need about trialing to be in a Winter team in 2018.
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Club Merchandise Items

The South Upwey Netball Club committee will be putting in a bulk merchandise order at the end of September...


So, if you're after a new dress, training singlet, socks, ball, drink bottle... any club branded gear... Especially a personalized hoodie...


Let us know by Wednesday 27th September.


If the item you are after is available in the shop, please order it.


If we don't have it in stock, please email us to add it to our order.


This will be the last chance this year to order personalized or non-standard stock.


We are also looking into bags, so we'll let you know when we have found some awesome options.

We Need Your Help!



It takes a lot of work to get our teams on court each week and we have a very dedicated committee who work tirelessly to make this happen. Currently we have 2+ positions open on the committee.


Umpires Coordinator

Tasks include (but are not limited to):

- Allocating umpires to games each week

- Overseeing club umpires on a Saturday

- Communicating with the MDNA umpires coordinator

- Organising training for new umpires

- Organising mentoring for new umpires

- Attend committee meetings

- Other tasks as required

We currently have 2 people who are sharing the role for Spring, and would be happy to guide someone through the process during spring, ready for Winter 2018. It is a job that is imperative for our teams to be on court each week, and its no secret that it can be a tough gig.... But we are desperately seeking someone who would like to take this challenge.


Sponsorship/Grants Coordinator

Tasks include (but are not limited to):

- Seeking out sponsorship opportunities

- Liaising with current and future sponsors

- Seeking out potential grants

- Writing grant applications

- Attend committee meetings

- Other tasks as required

We have not had someone dedicated in this position for a few years now. As we are growing, so are our goals and dreams. Looking for someone with a passion for writing and some time to dedicate to this position to help our club grow.


General Committee:

- Attend committee meetings

- Other tasks as required.


Our Committee Meetings are approx every 6 weeks, for 3-4 hours. We have fun, eat dinner and enjoy a laugh each meeting! If you feel that you could help us in any of these positions, please talk with any of our Committee Members or email

Open 1 Stunners Win!!!

Congratulations to our Open 1 Stunners - 2017 Premiers!!!!


The girls had some trouble getting players on the court each week, but with the help of the 23s and the Open 1 Stars, they ended up 2nd on the ladder.


A win in the first final got them straight through to the grand final and they came out on top, winning by 12 goals.


A real club effort!!!!


Well done girls!

Grand Final News



Congratulations to the Open 1 Stunners!!


The team will be playing their Winter 2017 Grand Final next Saturday 12th August at 3pm.


It would be fantastic to have a big crowd at the courts to support the ladies when they play Boronia.


So, come along, wear your purple and be ready to cheer long and loud!!