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2023 Award Nominations:

Members of the South Upwey netball Club community are invited to submit award nominations for 2023 via the link below:

Clark Club Award

The inaugural ‘Clark Club Award’, is our longest standing perpetual award. Named after Mrs Joan Clark, who started the club in 1968. This award encompasses the ideals of club spirit, dedication and comradery.

Eligibility Criteria (includes but not limited to):

Contribution to the club (other than their ability as a player)

Examples include:

• involvement in a range of activities

• helpfulness to coaches or other officials

• overcoming particular difficulties

• above average support to teams or players

• promotion of the Club

Factors contributing to selection may include but are not limited to:

• Multiple years of service in a variety of roles. Roles may, for example, include coaching, umpiring, managing or Committee roles.
• Dedicated service over and above that required by their particular positions

• General recognition of achievement by a number of members
• Truly outstanding performance in one aspect of the Club in the current year


The Allen Awards (senior and junior)

Senior - This award is opened to players aged between 18 years and over as at 31/12 of the year they are nominated and play in the Saturday Winter competition.

Junior - This award is opened to players aged between 8 and 17 years of age as at 31/12 of the year they are nominated and play in the Saturday Winter competition.

Eligibility Criteria (includes but not limited to):

• Must understand the skills and rules of netball and play by the rules.

• Participate fairly and safely and abide by decisions made.

• Cooperate with their coach, and other players

• Be a responsible team member by being on time an attending coaching sessions

• Encourage and assist all players.

• Exhibits enthusiasm, initiative and displayed positive attitudes towards other players and officials of the game, providing a suitable role model to other players.

• Must be positive ambassadors of netball and the Association.

• Are actively involved in their club.

• May have sought to improve their netball knowledge by coaching, umpiring, or other means

• Respect and acknowledge the contribution of those who create the opportunity for you to play. Volunteers (scorers, coaches, timekeepers, administrators and umpires).

Lifetime Contribution Award

The nominee should meet the following criteria:

• Possesses a genuine passion in the overall growth of South Upwey Netball Club

• Is distinctly known as having enhanced / developed aspects of the Club

• Exemplifies good sportsmanship, leadership and is a role model looked upon by all

• Volunteers time in administrating, coaching, officiating and / or other aspects of the club

• Volunteers time unselfishly and without thought of material gain

• Demonstrates respect for fellow coaches, parents, athletes & officials

• The recipient’s achievements should have had a lasting and significant impact on the club
• Has a minimum five (5) years service and involvement in the club


To vote, please use complete the nomination form.

AGM Nomination for committee form for 2023-2024:

To nominate for the committee for 2023/2024, please fill out a committee nomination form prior to the commencement of the AGM on 12th August 2023. Please ensure the person you are nominating is aware and approves of you nominating them. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the relevant position description before making any nominations.

Photography approval:

Photos and videos may be taken during training and games of members participation. These may be used for training purposes and may be published on our website and social media accounts. Please complete the google form to give your consent. A parent or guardian must provide consent for players aged 17 and under.

Member Profile Form:

To be filled out for our website/social media profiles: Member profile form.